Sailing Doctor is a no-profit association established in 2019 that is operative worldwide and with members from all around the world either medical professionals or not.


Our vision is: give smiles.


The mission is promoting and encouraging:

  • culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights

  • free healthcare, through a sailing ship and mobile clinics, in remote and disasters areas

  • education on sea and ecology

  • healthcare education and training for local professionals and first-aid courses for the population

Sailing Doctor principles are: humanity, equality, morality, independence, transparency, impartiality and neutrality.


Humanity: saving every human lives and giving healthcare with a focus on the most vulnerable. Dignity for all the victims, respect and protection.

Equality: every human has the right to healthcare regardless of economic and social status, sex, religion, ethnicity, language and opinions.

Morality: avoiding connections with people involved in illegal or immoral practices.

Independence: autonomy on the operations with respect to every political, economic or military objectives. Our goal is providing healthcare.

Transparency: informing on our activities with a full disclosure on details

Impartiality: help is given on the basis of need; no discrimination.

Neutrality: no favoritism towards any party of any conflict or dispute.


2. How we work


Human resources: the association is managed professionally and in an effective way, we are committed to invest in the development of the human resources.

Self-assessment: we carry out staff self-assessment procedures and projects aiming a non -stop improvement.

Financial: we ensure the effective use of available resources, minimizing the risk of any improper use.

Conflict of interest: it is required to avoid situations of conflict of interest that can compromise impartiality and neutrality.

Donors: we respect our donors’ right to be informed about the use of their donations and projects progress.


It is required and we encourage you to report activities that do not comply with the law or the mission of the association, including the Ethical Code.