Collaboration proposal with Sailing Doctor

Dear Company,

I am Filippo Orlandini, Nurse, Founder of Sailing Doctor.

Sailing Doctor – sailing around the world to give free health care and logistic support.

Sailing Doctor is a no-profit association, formed by Medics, Paramedics, Engineers, Alternative Therapists, Artists, Love of the next, volunteers who share the goal of “Give smiles” and our mission “Help the people”.

With our sailing ship we are operating, with a field hospital, and logistic support in disasters and in the areas where there is more need.

We offer medical supplies and and first aid courses in remote areas.

We also offers sailing courses, music, medicine, engineering, art, ecology and more…

The project that we want to realize will show how it’s possible to help people everywhere without discriminations, with mutual respect, under common moral and ethic values, in peace, to foster the idea of multiculturalism and community in a world without borders, for a free and permanent education as an essential value of our society.

To realize our project we started a crowfounding throught our web page

We find a private and public sponsorship to realize this project.

For more informations about us or our project visit the web page

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this project and we are available for a personal or Skype meeting.

Thank you very much for your time

Sincerely yours,

Founder of Sailing Doctor

Dr. Filippo Orlandini